Who we are...

At Plataforma our mission is simple, help our clients drive growth through the power of transactions.

About Us

At Plataforma, it’s not just about profits. It's also about how we leave this world when we are gone. Our impact on our global community starts with one person, one business, one dream. Our mission is to bring people together through commerce. We do this through our integrity, our commitment to equality, and our belief that we have no boundaries to what we can accomplish.

How a simple transaction can change a community. We work with entrepreneurs to bring jobs, opportunities, and life changing moments to communities all over the world. For us, its all about finding entrepreneurs that just need a chance to launch their dream. Those that have the guts, the want, and an idea that Plataforma and our partners can help get off the ground. Every year we pledge to take a percentage of our revenue, along with donations from our partners, to help provide entrepreneurs an opportunity to make their ideas, their reality. Because we know firsthand that nurturing just one entrepreneur provides employment, growth, and happiness to their entire community.