At Plataforma our mission is simple, help our clients drive growth through the power of transactions.

Platforms, Networks & Programs that Deliver Growth

Our platforms, networks and programs are developed to create new transaction experiences for your customers. By providing multiple payment and financial options for your customers, we give them the power to transact how they want to, when they want to.

Credits & Points Platform

Using our Credits & Points Platform we can work together to streamline credits/points redemption and management processes. Customers can also purchase credits either during the checkout process or during the post purchase process.

Digital Wallet Platform

The Digital Wallet Platform gives customers a uniformed view of credits/points balances, stored tokenized payment methods such as credit cards, wallets, and other digital assets. 

Embedded Checkout Platform

Our Embedded Checkout Platform gives your customers the ability to transact utilizing local payment methods in their local currency while we take on all the complexity of transacting globally.

Buy Now, Pay Later Provider Network

Working with Buy Now, Pay Later providers from around the globe to give your customers more choices during the checkout process, increasing average order value, accelerating customer acquisition and driving engagement.

Global Installment Program

With our global installment program, your customers now can pay overtime prior to receiving their products or services.  Our installment program lets customers choose how many payments works best for their budget, while allowing them to choose which local payment method to use. All transactions are settled into your local fiat currency.

Mesh Network of Payment Service Providers

A Mesh Network of Payment Service Providers (PSP) allows for multiple connections to different PSPs.  With several PSPs, your customers can transact in multiple currencies with multiple local payment methods; and settlement is in your local fiat currency therefore optimizing payment protocols and costs.

Start Driving Growth Today

If you’re ready to drive more growth to your business today, contact us to deliver new transaction experiences for your customers.

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